U-Phos Phosphine Fumigant Launched in USA

Specialty Gases (USA) Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the EPA registration of U-Phos Phosphine Fumigant, a cylinderised source of 99% phosphine for use in the USA market. This has been achieved through our distribution partner Degesch America Inc.

Specialty Gases Pty Ltd successfully introduced UltraPhos (U-Phos) Phosphine Fumigant 10 years ago in Australia. Our subsidiary company Specialty Gases (USA) Pty Ltd is now supplying U-Phos and GasApps HiFlo dispensing technology to the USA market through Degesch America Inc.

For more information on U-Phos Phosphine Fumigant for the USA market please contact our distributor Degesch America Inc ( [email protected] or 540-234-9281).

For information regarding other regions please contact Specialty Gases Pty Ltd ( John Nicolson, +61 401 718 753,  [email protected])

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