UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant is  a cost effective fumigant for post harvest agricultural commodities and storage structures, controlling all life stages of insects.

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant


UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant uses cylinderised phosphine and is a safe, reliable and cost effective system for fumigation of post harvest agricultural commodities and storage structures, controlling all life stages of insects.


UltraPhos Benefits:

Cost Effective & Reliable

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant is one of the most cost effective  fumigants available today. It is mixed with air or CO2 to produce a non flammable mixture suitable for fumigation.

Alternative to Methyl Bromide

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant is the fumigant of choice for environmentally aware companies.  Unlike alternative products, such as methyl bromide, UltraPhos  Phosphine Fumigant does not contribute to the decline in the ozone layer or add to global warming.  And most importantly, there are no detectable residue issues for commodities treated with UltraPhos.

Alternative for Aluminium & Magnesium Phosphide

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumignat is a safe and superior alternative to Aluminum Phosphide tablets and blankets. By providing better phosphine gas control over time you can provide a safer working environment for staff, and there is no need for disposal of the unreacted powder residues resulting from tablet and blanket use.

Reduced Cylinder Handling

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant is a cost effective alternative to high pressure cylinders containing pre-mixed phosphine and carbon dioxide.

Customer Support

Please contact us to discuss your current or future UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant needs.

UltraPhos Phosphine Fumigant is supplied by our subsidiary Specialty Gases (USA) Pty Ltd to the USA under the tradename U-Phos Phosphine Fumigant. Please contact our USA Distributor Degesch America Inc ([email protected]) to discuss your needs for U-Phos Phosphine Fumigant.

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