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Specialty Gases sources refrigerants from large reputable international manufacturers including HFCs such as R134a and R410A.

R134a is a refrigerant suitable for a wide range of applications including domestic, automotive, and commercial.  It is a single component HFC that is non flammable and non toxic.

R410A is a multi component mixture of R32 and R125.  It is non flammable and non toxic suitable for air conditioning units.

R32 is a single component HFC which is flammable but has a lower global warming impact than other HFCs.  Due to the lower global warming impact it is being adopted by leading air conditioning manufacturers for domestic applications.

R22 is refrigerant that has been used for many years in a broad range of applications.  It is single component HCFC that is non flammable and non toxic.  It is currently being phased out of use under the Montreal Protocol.

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