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Over the last couple of decades there has been significant change in the types of refrigerants used from CFC (R12 )to HCFC (R22)  and currently HFC.  CFCs were identifier as an ozone depletor and subsequently phased out under the Montreal Protocol and replaced by HCFCs.  HCFCs are now currently being phased out of use as they too were ozone depleters but to a lesser extant than CFCs.

HFCs were introduced to replace HCFCs. HFCs such as R134a are now recognised as synthetic greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.  It is generally accepted these gases will be phased out and replaced by lower greenhouse gas emitting refrigerants such as hydrocarbons and HFOs which are currently under development.

Specialty Gases sources refrigerants from large reputable international manufacturers and works with its customers to supply new generation refrigerants.

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